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Our Origins/History


Thai Family Life ministry was birthed as the result of us trying to meet a need that we discovered was not being met within our church.

In the midst of discussing how we could teach children and parents to worship as a family, we discovered that many parents in the church had no experience or knowledge of how to do so. Most of them were 1st generation believers with no Christian parental examples to follow.  We started with small lessons teaching on how to worship as a family with our children.  From there it developed into a full fledged ministry.

We also discovered that while the Church in Thailand has written or translated many books on evangelism, theology, and Christian living, very little has been published or taught about Christian marriage, parenting and family life.

It is our belief that strong Godly family foundations are vital for the Church in Thailand to thrive and grow.  After all, no amount of evangelism will matter if new believers enter a church that is full of dysfunctional families.  Conversion is only the first step of the process.  We as a church need to help new members transform and flourish if we are to see the Church in Thailand truly grow, not just in numbers, but in terms of emotional and relational maturity, both with each other as well as with the Lord.

It is our sincere desire to bring heaven into the home, and we believe that what we have to share can help nurture, develop and inspire the families of God in Thailand to achieve that – healthy, wholesome and flourishing relationships between family members and the Lord.

Our Vision:

To be a ministry and teaching platform that ushers God’s presence into family life, through sharing Godly and useful tools to Thai families, churches and ministries. Tools that encourage and nurture wholesome, Godly family life, that will bring heaven in the home, strengthen the Church and the Kingdom of God in Thailand.

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